The Marine Reserve Prof. Luiz Saldanha

The Marine Prof. Park Luiz Saldanha is the marine reserve area of the Natural Park of Arrábida. Established in 1976, covers about 53 square kilometers corresponding to the 38 km of coast between the beach and the Figueirinha Cape Espichel. It is an area with a unique natural wealth at national and European level, where more than 1,000 species of marine animals and plants, already in the late nineteenth century aroused the interest of King Carlos, among other naturalists and universities.


The Park presents diverse, rocky and sandy bottoms with depths up to 100 meters. With sheltered areas such as various coves at the base of coastal cliffs, to swell zones, as in Espichel. The high animal diversity can be easily observed along the rocks, where there are frequent anemones, the starfish, sea urchins sea and crustaceans. The variability of fish is also amazing, with lesser known species, because they are not fishing target, that make this marine ecosystem of the richest national and European level. Particular emphasis on marine wildlife in Stone Anicha, with the coastal bay to be an important area for the development and maintenance of marine fauna of the North Atlantic. The underwater flora also has considerable ecological importance features.

The Marine Park includes a Total Protection Area 4 km² (10% of the Park area) where it is not allowed any fishing, four Partial Protection areas with a total of 21 km² (40% of the Park area), with restrictions fishing traps and lines, part of the Portinho Arrábida and Figueirinha (about 1.8 km²), and three areas of Supplementary Protection with a total of 28 km² (50% of the Park area) where only licensed vessels can operate .

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