Portinho da Arrábida, Beach & Small Village

Portinho Arrábida is a small village belonging to the parish of San Lorenzo, county and district of Setúbal, better known by the beach adjacent to the town. It is located in the Capuchin Convent that surrounds the north west of Setubal (about 13 km) and to the east of Sesimbra about 21 km) and the South Atlantic Ocean, near the mouth of the river Sado. Portinho_da_Arrábida_(5240170954) Arrabida Portinho Beach Located between the Alpertuche beache (to the west) and the Galapos beach (to the east) is a  beach, near the town, sandy and rocky . Is a bay of calm, clear waters, great for diving. To the east the beach widens, always accompanied by the green slopes of the Arrábida mountains. On the western side are situated restaurants. The place serenity is interrupted in the summer by crowds of visitors and the unfortunate watercraft, plaguing swimmers. During low tide, you can access, swimming or by the cliff, to the nearby Rabbits beach. The seabed is a natural reserve. Recently it has been improved the access to the beach, with car parks, which makes it easier for visitors to come to the beach and allows the  traffic to flow in Portinho.

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