Setúbal a region of Cheeses & Sweets

The cheeses are mainly of sheep and have its peak in the delicious “DOP Azeitão”, without disregarding the saloio cheese, also sheep, which you can find here aswell.

Can´t forget the Sheep butter and the baked rustic bread in a wood oven,  a must eat specialty.

Concerning the Confectionery, this is one of  the most famous regions of the country with the diverse Traditional sweets of Setubal, the orange base, which was almost lost and is now recovering.

In Azeitão can´t miss the delicious pies, the Amores and the small cheeses made of  eggs and almond.

In Montijo (Galician village of Ribatejo, until 1930) the Aldeanos , delicious cakes made of almonds and gila, the Milk sweet cheese pies, vinegar pudding and corn cake.

Palmela contributes with the Santiagos, Palmelenses, Sweet Cheese pies, Sweet Rice with sheep’s milk and loaves.

Of Alcacer do Sal , the famous the pine nuts with honey, pine nut pies and many more sweets made with pine nut base and sweet potatoes.

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